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Thinking to Plan your Wedding in Rajasthan!!

When we talk about wedding at Scelebration, we wish to bring together two groups of people willing to know each other. All we do at Scelebration is do our best to plan your wedding according to your desire and make it most happening event of your lives. We work with our excellent team mates to get the maximum out of our hands.

Wedding as we know, is the D-day for both bride and groom. In the current century and our fast forward lives, we personally believe that the bride and groom are majorly interested and highly curious to make their wedding day the best of all. We communicate and deal with our business team to understand their core feelings to work out as much as we can on our platform and give them the most beautiful surprise of their life.

We work with highly skilled professionals for Venue selection, decor and all other major wedding services and aspects to be planned and covered for a perfect wedding planning in Rajasthan and its other cities. Get to know us further to know our ins and outs and we assure you, you will be amazed…

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