About Scelebration Event

The answer to what is Scelebration is quite simple, it’s a Superb way of celebrating any event of life in a hassle free way. We are Wedding Counselors who not only plan events for you but also get your dreams executed and implemented.

Who Scelebration is?

If we simply put it, we’re professionals with heart!
We might get listed as Wedding Planner or Event Manager but we are above these mediocre terms. We’re Counselors. We do all what others do but in a different way. We simply instill life in your celebration and you will say, Superb Celebration it is.

For any event we work for, we take the perspective of the person who would be most interested in making that event spectacular. A wedding for example is a father’s pride and we work the way father would. This makes it easier for us to ensure the best of best among services. We know that budgets are limited so we reach out to places where we get best deals but our focus remains on quality–unmatched quality.

So you can start with a nearby restaurant and can stretch upto Jag Mandir of Udaipur for a royal wedding, we can help you get it done easily.

We’re a bunch of people who congregated on a same motto to create spectacular events. We are self-driven individuals who work as a gelled team. We create ideas out of nowhere and then brainstorm. From the main entrance design to the corner which will be least visible, we work on each and every part with a thorough plan.

How Scelebration works?

We gather all your requirements and dreams. We then prepare a blueprint and discuss plans with you. We can promise that our wedding plan will give you more than what you expected. This is where Scelebration makes the difference!

Our team with your help bring you the best options and then we finalize with you. Scelebration team then starts and does not stop until you say, wow, what an arrangement!

Every project for our team remains a challenge and an opportunity. The challenge lies in performing better than the last time and opportunity dwells in the fact that we will earn more work from your guests because they will surely love our services. We do not believe in traditional publicity, we strive our future projects out of our past performances.

Why select the Scelebration?

All we know at the start is that Scelebration takes every project seriously and creates a magic for the clients. We are ever young but we keep experience to back our promises. Ideas that we pick are from daily life things that make bigger things beautiful. We encapsulate all the small things to craft a masterpiece–and we do it for every single part of your event. What we exactly envisage is that once your guests enter the place, they only get amazed at the ambiance. From colors to light, from hospitality to services, and from entry to exit, we treat and attend every guest personally.

So if you had thought of a Wedding Planner or Wedding Arranger, think again and try Wedding Counselor called Scelebration–the Superb Celebration Planners. Only we can get you what you want because we believe in dreams and have the ability to turn those dreams into reality.

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