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How to plan pre-wedding shoot in a low budget?

In earlier articles we discussed How to Make a Wedding More Productive by Reusing Leftovers? How North India Is Influencing The South Indian Weddings? and so on. In this article let us discuss how to plan the Pre-wedding photoshoot in low budge. A wedding is the most precious moment in everyone's life. Everyone has their own dream about their marriages.

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How to Make a Wedding More Productive by Reusing Leftovers?

You have been through a lot of weddings, Weddings having different themes, different styles, carrying enormous thoughts and expressions, Correct? And this is executed by a lot of people working together as a team to fulfill "THE DREAM WEDDING" of one, a team work that includes every minute detail like keeping a flower pot on it's right place to managing

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How North India Is Influencing The South Indian Weddings?

Weddings are special affairs, right from the energy, spark and happiness these fuse to how it brings together are family and friends, it is something nobody should mind being a part of. However, in India, it is a larger than life subject that is filled with countless rituals, traditions, ceremonies, and lots of fun and dancing. Unlike west, it is

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How Artificial Intelligence Will Improve Things For Wedding Planning Industry in India?

Artificial Intelligence is on rise all over the world and is changing things for better in almost all spheres including wedding planning industry. Incorporation of Artificial Intelligence in wedding planning can alleviate the stress of several tedious activities like accounting, scheduling, coordinating with customers, and so forth. Let’s explore these benefits closely one by one. Accounting: Financial matters are quite

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5 Playful Ways To Welcome Baraat And Make Them Comfortable

You know the best part about being from the bride’s side, you get to welcome the baraat as well as the groom. The point marks beginning of the final wedding ceremony and that’s where the real fun begins. The entry of baraat is an emotional moment for many since both families greet each other finally and nod to lifelong relationship

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