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Interesting Facts About Indian Wedding Dress

A stand-alone decision to choose a wedding dress as a bride or a groom certainly includes various things. Apart from presenting a couple beautiful, a dress up has some auspicious and delectable influence on the D-day. When it comes to wedding dress, there are hundreds and thousands of myths, but what is true and what is false, hardly anyone goes

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The Best Bride And Groom Looks For 2018

Many brides and grooms tie in a nuptial bond, but there are only a few that you commemorate for their exclusive and dashing styling. Apart from the efforts put by wedding event management to make your wedding exceptional, the dressing attire and looks of bride and groom equally matter. Just take a pause and think about the couple ever liked

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Best Wedding Destination Award Goes To Rajasthan

Rajasthan, a beautiful wedding destination garnering aristocratic wedlock, has been awarded ‘Best Wedding Destination Award’ by 'Travellers Plus Leisure India, South Asia magazine’. The thought always persists in mind when having a look at Rajasthan which is a strong-armour in respect of Unique Selling Proposition (USP) such as mythological formation, amazing monuments, comfortable inheritance, spectacular fairs, ceremonial robes, and obviously

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Key Tips to Plan Your Destination Wedding

Wedding - the most unique and memorable moment of one's life, the day when marriage vows are exchanged. Every couple wants their wedding to be ‘the wedding of their dreams’. That is where destination wedding comes in as a great choice for such enthusiastic lovers. A destination wedding is an opportunity for couples to celebrate their marriage at a gorgeous

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Rajasthan, A Unique Wedding Experience

State of Rajasthan has come a long way since Independence. A tag of Ill-State is now renamed to Paradise for Celebration. And in that special turnaround, Rajasthan has become a paradise for Royal Weddings. It all started with Udaipur where Royal weddings are held in Jag Mandir Island where the procession reaches to the Island through a Boat. Imagine your

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