Joint Session with Bride and Groom

The biggest dream of any youngster is marriage because it is a lifetime event. And Scelebration understands this. Once guided individually, the Scelebration counselor will make them sit together next to each other and help them feel the magic of togetherness. Many things can’t be understood theoretically so Scelebration counselors ask them to feel that they are with each other and have become soulmates. The counselor will talk to them together and then will let them discuss and open up in private.

This though starts with a session but then follows up with contact sharing and regular talking. Scelebration counselors keep them asking about the progress and keep them suggesting the next step if they are stuck at any point.

The principal idea is not spoonfeeding but telling them how to behave, how to treat each other, and how to adjust when things are not that good. These practical lessons help them throughout their lives.

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