Entertainment remains the prime attraction of any event. It actually keeps the main event and people glued. Entertainment creates the ambiance that engages guest’s mood with the rest of the things this is why we love to keep our guests entertained.And what Scelebration do to entertain guests, we jump on the floor and dance for you, chill, we have better wedding plans as mentioned below:


Recorded music that suits the ambiance can be played through high output branded music system. The music gives us liberty to choose between types and we can handpick the one that matches well with our mood. So wedding songs, Ghazals, Party busters, or simply instrumental stuff, you name it and we have it.

Disk Jockey

We have collaborated with class apart DJs who have built in music. A DJ would juggle up music and would prepare you the exact taste you want. The best thing is that a DJ would ensure that music is played according to the mood and situation. Ranging from upbeat tracks to slowed-down emotional tunes to instrumental ones, a DJ comes fully loaded!

Dance Floor

A small dance arena is a must these days for any social event and we are no exception for this thought. We’ve partnered with latest styled stages which are easy to install. we make sure that the surface is properly shaped and has surface which is neither too slippery nor too rough. The light effect that add to the mood of our guests is adequately flashed so that the guests can focus on dance and enjoy the most.

Video Clippings

You would definitely want to have some screens around the premises to provide a holistic view to your guests. This actually keeps everyone connected and ensures that our guests do not miss any event or action.

Slide Shows

While playing live telecast of different locations of the premises is a cool idea for a big occasion, playing a slideshow of images is a good way to keep the focus on the person of the day. Obviously this is suitable for an anniversary, birthday, or honorary celebration. We can arrange a number of screens which will play slideshows of the pics shared by you.

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