Hotel Selection

Getting a venue for the function is the toughest and foremost job for most of us. But not anymore!
With the expertise and liasoning of Scelebration, you can pick a hotel that meets all your requirements just like that. You may be all set for Mehrangarh of Jodhpur or looking for a baraat through boats to Jag Mandir of Udaipur, or simply wanting a celebration at the community hall next road, we have plans for you.

In fact, the hotel selection cannot be a readymade offer. It has to be customized and we’re specialized in that.

Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Pushkar, Jodhpur, or any other historic or royal city you have in mind and we will have a cool place to stay there. Scelebration promises you a royal reception in your own budget.

Distance from your place or approach, we consider each and every aspect for your needs. Here are some considerations that would help you pick the best of the lot.


The budget is the most important aspect of the entire planning. Scelebration would want you to enjoy the program without having burnt a hole in your pocket. There are things that are insanely expensive and then there are things that are awesome at low cost. Our motive remains to make things look scintillating without being extravagant. So the look and feel is opulent and payment you make is minimum, hozzat!!!


Space has to be more than adequate. You must ensure that people do not collide with each other. And that’s what we consider. A good margin of 15% is what we keep while showing you hotels. Room sizes have to be good and sanitation has to be the most important thing. We include any hotel only when we have secured positive feedback about it. We have highly placed sources who inform us about the wellbeing of a hotel.


A hotel sans enough parking is not useful. We only consider hotels that have parking as minimal specification. With parking, the scelebration will also like to provide security guards and parking tokens so that only you in-person can take your vehicle away.


Merely a good infrastructure does not meet our standards. Scelebration strives upon quality facilities that start from room service to laundry to anything you want. The staff will be educated, polite, and at your service truly.


The approach of a Hotel is also very important as people should not need to spend hours in locating the same. Even when the hotel is on-road, we provide a full navigational map which would make our guests find the place without any hassle or irritation. Our manager will also let you know about the traffic trends of the area so that guests can plan properly.

Sclebration is not limited to these factors, rather, we create our plan after meeting you. Having known your dreams and needs, we craft a new set of ideas and get the team going in search of best of the best. You rest assured and relax when Scelebration is at work!

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