Besides all the specialized services that Scelebration has to offer, we have a detailed list of all logistics that we offer and serve with same efficiency that Scelebrtion has committed.

  1. Wedding Counselor
  2. Venue Selection
  3. Menu Selection
  4. Hotel Selection
  5. Jewelry Shopping
  6. Clothes Shopping
  7. Accessories for Bride and Groom
  8. Gifting Items and Packing
  9. Mehndi and Haldi
  10. Sangeet Planning and execution
  11. Choreography and Music
  12. DJ and Music of Choice
  13. Grooming for bride and groom
  14. Saloon for Groom
  15. Parlour for Bride
  16. Counseling on latest trends and suitable ideas
  17. Decorators and confectioners
  18. And much more

The crux of the matter is that your need is a Scelebration commitment.
If progressive ideas and dedication are there means flashy presentations or sales pitch is not required. Unless without knowing our service details, it is difficult to improve our business. We are also specialized in the following services.

1. Venue Selection
One of the most crucial decision of wedding celebrations is choosing the right wedding venue. From blocking the place at the right time to doing your research properly are some of the factors that one should keep in mind while selecting venue. Our Scelebration team will help you in selecting the best venue
2 Menu Selection
The tradition and foods of India go hand in hand. In India, eating food is not just a thing, it is an important social tradition. People in India love to celebrate their happiness with their friends and family and enjoy using any appropriate opportunity to do so. By keeping this in mind Scelebration will provide the best catering facility.

3 Hotel Selection
When you are looking for wedding accommodations for your guests, be sure to pay attention to the details such as Location, Budget, Size, Rooms, Availability, Room Blocks, Amenities, Transportation, Event Space, welcome bag distribution. By keeping these things in the mind our Scelebration team provides best services.

4. Event Management Team
We have a wonderful Event management team they will provide the services such as Mehandi and Haldi, Sangeet Planning and execution, Choreography and Music, DJ and Music of Choice. They main moto of our team is entertaining the people.

Apart from all these services our team will also help you Jewellery Shopping, Clothes Shopping, Accessories for Bride and Groom, Gifting Items and Packing, Grooming for bride and groom, Saloon for Groom, Parlour for Bride, Counselling on latest trends and suitable ideas, Decorators and confectioners and much more.

For yesterday’s memories, today’s love and tomorrow’s dream feel you happy. Our Scelebration team wants to see your happiness on your face so we provide the best services during the marriage.

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