From picking up guests from Airport, Railway Station, and Bus Stop to transporting goods and stuff from home to venue or vice versa, you have to have a system in which you can select the number of vehicles on a daily-need basis.

Generally people hire a fixed number of vehicles and then one day they are parked outside and the other they are doing extra rounds–you end up in a mess!

And then you have a solution called Scelebration

Luxury Vehicles

Scelebration starts with people in which your guests feel no hassle while reaching out to the venue. Sclebration has tied up with many service providers who have a fleet of luxury vehicles. Air Conditioner, Heater, cushioned seats, and well-mannered drivers remains the basic features of every vehicle irrespective of its class and fare. The Scelebration representative will share the contact of driver with your guests so they can call the driver when and where they need.


Scelebration believes that if stuff of not transported as-it-is, the services are useless. Transporting stuff is very important but more important is transporting carefully. Scelebration truckers proceed on the pattern of movers and packers so we pack up the stuff properly before loading. We keep enough helpers with every truck that both loading and unloading becomes easy and safe.

Trucks are parked away from home and venue to ensure the view does not get messed up around.

Pickup Vans

Scelebration has a number of pickup vans arranged. We understand that vans are good for small stuff and also for frequent trips. It all depends on your need and we will counsel you with best and most economical options. Each pickup has at least one helper apart from the driver. The drivers are nice, helping, and known to all routes of the area. We carry out a good research before picking up drivers and helpers. They essentially go through police verification.

When we deploy transport system to any luxury hotel like Udai Vilas of Udaipur, we have drivers follow general rules and discipline of conduct. You will not see a truck parked beside a luxury car. The point of parking, loading, unloading all remain pre-decided and separated by a good distance.

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