Venue Selection

The foremost requirement for any event is of acquiring a proper venue for the event. With budget in range, distances, reputation, and reachability are the main concerns people have. Actually the planning starts after the place is booked. Most of the times people do not get the venue of choice and then they have to start compromising. That’s where we come handy!

Scelebration has professional tie-ups with major event venues for all kind of programs so once you apprise us of your requirement, we present you the list of available places and we strive hard to ensure you get what you want. You can ask for boat from Lake Pichhola bank to Jag Mandir in Udaipur or horses to reach another fort in Jodhpur, we have it all.

At times, you like the venue but feel depressed about its facilities and approach. What we do here is that we give you a customized scenario where all your requirements are taken into consideration. We have had many such events in the past where the customer was wowed at the end.

From guarded parking to proper seats as per headcount, we keep a good margin for the people who might come added with the invited ones. In all, you will never regret having booked a small venue when the guests exceed the number you had estimated. We have all planned and we keep all ready!

The process:

  1. Gather all requirements and number of people expected from you
  2. Chalk out a rough plan and brainstorm about all possibilities
  3. Select all available venues and listing them all for you
  4. Sorting places as per your choice, distance, and approach
  5. Create a master list and approach each venue
  6. Showing you the places and take your nod on one
  7. Start working with the approved venue
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