Wedding Counseling

Wedding is an affair which is not just for a lifetime but also is an life-changing event. Two souls get united and so do two families. And with them comes closer multiple people who get connected with each other with a tiny bond. Marriages in India are fascinating and they give you lifetime happiness. But from start of preparation to the beginning of married life, people go through plethora of things about which they either have to rely on relatives or trust blindly.Well, not anymore! You have Scelebration to count on.The Scelebration brings you the most comprehensive wedding counseling Services in which we not only arrange all the plans for you, we also counsel your son or daughter and provide them tips for a life that needs trust, love, and empathy.

Counselors of the Scelebration first grasp the present mindset of the person getting married. Then their expectations from the life partner are sought. The key for this exercise remains in the endeavour in which our counselor bridge the gap between availability and expectations.

Scelebration counselors not just counsel the people getting married but we also try and convince some elders who might be stubborn on some issues. Counselors of the Scelebration are psychologically trained so they can read minds and make sure the best sense prevails.

We ensure gender specific counselors who are friendly in nature. Most of our counselors remain friends with their clients and keep helping them even after marriage. The Scelebration is not a limited affair with your wards, rather it is the beginning of association which you would never like to have an end.

A great Indian marriage is the one on which traditionalism and modernity go hand in hand. Scelebration strives on bringing the families on same page so that you not just have successful marriage, but also set up a bright future for the society.

Majorly we counsel you on:

  1. Card Selection
  2. Jewellery trends
  3. Dressing ideas
  4. Pleasing your guests
  5. Decoration and beautification
  6. Menu guidance
  7. Estimation on consumables
  8. Pre and Post marriage sessions
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