A wedding is an occasion that brings happiness and considerations for two families and the people connected with it. This occasion is not only the bonding between two people but also between the families. With this, there are certain things to cater to before enlightening the happening moments of walking with seven promises around the fire. From Ring ceremony’s decorations and finalizing the dates to the Reception venue and its menu selection, everything needs to be pre-planned and well-organized before the events. Thus, this article presents the effective 10 ways to Get Your Wedding Event Ready with Pre-Planning.

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1. Restrict a Budget

Well, Weddings comes out as the most expensive event for anyone. While it is the most important event for the families and couples, it is also the most expensive occasion with name events to follow. To occupy your memories with all the rituals, it is essential to focus on the planning with the budget and sticking to its components. Make a list of the ‘Do’s’ where one should concentrate on the major components of the wedding to keep themselves under the budget. Your wish-list and your check-list should not overcome the budget. Make the lists according to your interests as well as priorities in mind.

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2. Timeline Foundation

After analyzing the budget, now is the time to schedule the time plans for your wedding. Follow a reasonable timeline that can catch your memories and allow you to work along with the events also. Sketch the fixed calendar for your wedding and abide the same. Moreover, it involves all the aspects of shopping to the wedding event, accordingly. Also, do not forget to provide yourself an ample amount of time to rest for your good looks and enjoy the salon therapies for your perfectly planned wedding.

3. Look for the Essential Details

To give a grand wedding, focus on the grand Detailing!

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Now, according to your budget and dates, it is time to focus on the planning of events. This involves the details of every single event performed during the occasion. Plan your events(major or minor) according to the scheduled dates and activities for the same. This may involve your creative imagination or Scelebration team’s help for introducing new props and enthusiastic approaches to your event. From the selection of venue to your desired apparel for every event, this is the time to think of all.

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4. Talking of the Tracking!

Track your expenses and performed activities through any method of check-lists or apps. Well, it is also a significant part of your wedding as it allows you to remain focused on the budget and the details for every event. Planning a whole occasion can be a hard shell to crack for anyone. Thus, Scelebration lends a hand to its customers to provide a battered event while one can relax and focus on creating memories. Choose your event’s best suits and take it easy while the team play’s its part.

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5. Quality with Quantity!


Do not forget to keep the quality in mind while you work on your expenses. From designing the Invitation Card for your wedding to the styling of the dresses and your hair, every detailed planning is important, as the day won’t come back. However, keeping the expenses in order, follow the trades of quality with good experiencing the amount. With unique and elegant show-off of the wedding, remember to look after the in-depth action and performance of the families and couples also. The role of the families is as important as the role of you and the event planner.


6. Plan your Guests’ Welcome!

The most important part of the Wedding is the Society in Indian Traditions. Like it is said-” Atithi Devo Bhava,” guests are the most significant part of the wedding. Plan a themed decor to Welcome the guests and surround them with beautiful props and lights to enlighten their mood and the occasion. While these memories are the cherishing events of your life, it is important to make every bit of it a happy time. To enjoy and relish these moments, use your imagination to cast every detailed item in the event. For instance, use creative paper bags for invitations, choose a nature-friendly venue for your guests according to the weather or perform royal-themed props for specific events.


7. Focus on Vendor’s and their Products

Vendors are also an important part of the bright wedding, as they bring in the freshness and joy of taste and product service. Well, remember all vendors are not available immediately for the bunch. So prepare and plan the amount or lot to be brought during the event preparations. Fix a vendor before the occasion for the hassle-free events. Moreover, prepare a back-up from some other vendor also, for the smooth flow of the events.

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8. Give Yourself Space!

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Like the article mentioned earlier, let others handle the work while you have a rest and some time for therapies. This is essential for your wedding event as it releases you from overlapping of emotions and allows you to focus on ‘Your Wedding Day.’ Prepare yourself with apparel, accessories, make-up, and styling, as you need to present good looks on your biggest day. Moreover, to accomplish the best of the day, call a styling professional to dress you like your desired approach.

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9. Wedding is not a Challenge, it is the Dream!

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Well, focusing on your dream wedding, it is not possible to bring out an event without a loop-hole or as planned. However, it is important to relish every moment of your life without looking at the faults or mistakes. Now, like said earlier there can be loop-holes in any event or occasion, so plan the back-up aspects already to avoid any mishap. This may involve keeping the power back-up, stuff, extra products such as seating and more.

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10. Wedding Day with Fun


Now it is not the time to focus on the calendar, schedules, themes or decorations. This is time to feel the moments, make memories and have fun on ‘Your Wedding Day.’ Focus on the emotions and the cherishing day that would present a turning point in your life. Create stories by clicking pictures of beautiful memories. Well, after all, it’s your day!

If planned and worked properly, a wedding can be fun and an amazing event to enjoy. Feeling the traditions in your day, relishing the cultures in your occasion and performing the rituals for your dream day, is an outstanding way to feel for the happening and jovial occasion.

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Carrying those memories whole life with other curious childhood memories after a life-turning change is another aspect to relish your life according to your desires. Bring out the best of your day with Scelebration and witness the divine ceremonies to fulfill your desires and attention in the most happening ways.