Weddings are an auspicious occasion, bringing the best out of two families. While the two families work strongly to get the desired events of the occasion, the brides and the grooms prepare themselves to select, acquire and relish the life turning moments. Fulfilling the desired needs is yet another task enjoyed and performed by the brides and grooms and their families. This hurdle is clear as the day with Scelebration. While you and your family prepare for the best of your looks and get yourself ready for your most happening occasion, Scelebration team caters to present its fine work for your beautiful-ever days.


With the events on line on your most relishing events, budgeting the complete occasion is the widest area to focus on. Well, after the budget is well-planned and seen closely, it’s time to schedule the events with your desired opinions and choices. From engagement to the wedding day everything needs to be planned and well-checked to go for the perfect alluring day. Following rituals is the most important thing to follow in India along with Indian Cultures. Thus, keeping your rituals accordingly updated with the desired trends is quiet to give a thought. Let’s look at the 2020 trends that you could use for your desired weddings.

Trends to Wedding Invitations

Most auspicious wedding event starts with the best invitations. Welcoming the best of your family days begins with the performance of outstanding invitation cards. Curating the cute and beautiful invitations to welcome your guests, develops the events positivity giving it a more beautiful turn. Celebrating your wedding event according to your desires and plans can be a fruitful thought. Choosing your wedding card theme can be of interest too. Get your wedding card theme according to the event-theme planned. From floral innovation cards to royal themed looks everything is possible while following the Indian Traditions for your traditional wedding.


Trends to colours of 2020

Planning a colourful themed wedding could not be hard when you have neoteric trending ideas to follow. 2020 trends occupy the wedding desires to float towards bright red and coral shades for wedding dresses. Moreover, the colour leads the themes of the weddings to go around with bridge or blue shades. Well, the choice to stick to your favourite colour is always yours. If not, the trends have our back. While some want their weddings to go completely traditional and authentic, some desire to choose the trending concepts. Now, it’s on you to choose what your desires and budget speak.


Trends to Destination Weddings

Moving ahead from the traditional authentic ways of weddings, the trends go the other way round. Trends follow the new Destination Wedding themes to make your wedding more fun and happening. While new themes and colours justify your desires and fulfil your tastes, here’s a trending list of all beautiful exotic places to experience during your wedding occasion. Well, you can vary your desires according to your budget, if you want different venues for different events or you want a single beautiful ravishing place for your complete wedding occasion.
From European venue dreams to traditional Udaipur feels, everything can be as apart of your wedding days’ fancy.


Trends to Entrances


Many brides and grooms wish to have grand entrances for themselves on their special wedding day to attract a sudden attention towards them. Well, of course it’s their day! So keeping in mind the entrances to follow the wedding day or reception, there’s a lot that tends to have to say. Trends of 2020 focus on bringing the bride and grooms in new props such as the beautifully prepared rickshaw or floral cycle. This not only captures the new trends but also motivates the wedding people to follow a new chase.


Not only that, trends also occupy the era with new fashion scenarios to take over the wedding season with lights and full actions during the entrances of the brides and grooms in the main wedding events. This captures the interests of not only the wedding-day-celebrators but also the guests.

Trends to makeup and hairstyles


Every female feels that her beauty starts from her hair and thus, hair and styles need extra efforts for the girls to look gorgeous. Moreover, on such an auspicious event like a wedding, every woman feels to have her hair styles with utmost care and perfect looks. The trends say floral buns with the bunch of creativity, minimal hairdos or even the head wears or tiaras are worth a try. While a woman feels special to work through her hair and styles with perfect touches, it is the most important part of any wedding season where the females get to work their makeup and hairstyles throughout.

bridal makeup

Trends to Fashion Apparels

While the brides and grooms prepare themselves for the most auspicious occasion, the first thing that steps ahead is the fashion apparel. With the most traditional and happening event across the corner, every bride and groom demands the best out of their apparel. With every event from Sangeet to Haldi and Mehndi, all the apparel connect with the themes of your wedding occasion. Providing a traditional essence to your wedding the looks could vary from Anarkali Kurtas to Floral Bandhgalas or even the good looking red shinny lehengas for women.


While women follow their inspirations or celebrities to get along the new trends, celebrities work making those trends. Thus, the new trends speak of peacock-based accessories or even the work on lehengas go from Zardozi, Dabka work or Zari work. Choose your wedding style according to your desires and portray the best of work for you and your guests on the very special day.

Trends to Decor


With new innovations and development for curious guests, trends follow the decent and elegant styles to attract their guests with unique decors. Weddings are the most essential occasion of any family and thus, to make it more special and unique, Scelebration with its team works its fine lines to get the best for the wedding families. Working on beautiful decor lights of blue or white to make attractive floral-themed weddings, the decors play a significant role in developing the occasion’s mood. To cherish and relish the moments of joy and happiness, themes and ambience of the wedding occasion are an equal impact for the guests as well as the families.


Trends to Photo Shoots


Well, it’s an era of lights and photography with everyone to look for the best of capturing memories. Thus, trends speak about the wedding-photo shoots prior and after the wedding season. This involves the shoots from early wedding planning to the late honeymoon season. To get a rollover the best shot at creating memories the couples with their families even float the best desirous themes. Capturing all the events of Haldi, Mehendi and Sangeet to rolling the dice on new innovative ambiences for sweet photo shoots is now the time of trends.