Artificial Intelligence is on rise all over the world and is changing things for better in almost all spheres including wedding planning industry. Incorporation of Artificial Intelligence in wedding planning can alleviate the stress of several tedious activities like accounting, scheduling, coordinating with customers, and so forth. Let’s explore these benefits closely one by one.

  • Accounting: Financial matters are quite complicated and diversified especially if you are a destination wedding planner. You will be working with a separate list of vendors, venues, caterers, and others for every destination. This means you will need special tools to take care of various costings and expenditures. A system featuring AI can be highly helpful in such a scenario because it will extract relevant data from different business documents and invoices and would put all into your accounting software. You need to spend hours organizing data into software. In short, you can keep your focus clear on other equally important tasks and let your AI enabled assistant take care of finances.
  • Scheduling: Indian weddings are lengthy affairs. It doesn’t matter if it is a local wedding or a destination wedding, as a planner you will need to schedule hundreds of things. You might be managing more than one wedding at a time. It is important to see that everything is scheduled properly right from photography to catering, decor, dresses, invitations and so on. AI can lend a big helping hand under such scenario. There are so many apps that can help you send personalized emails for scheduling various events. As and when the system receives confirmation on time and date, it will get added to your calendar automatically.
  • Coordinating With Customers: Communication is the basic foundation of wedding planning. Starting from the client to groom, bride, vendors, and new customers, you will need to stay in touch with all. It is a painstaking and arduous process especially if you have to do it manually. AI can be your assistant in speeding up communications and organizing mails if they exceed a specific number. AI based apps like Knowmails can really decrease the mail reading time by analyzing your reading pattern and prioritizing those mails on top that need maximum attention. The app also helps in writing better emails and keep key points in mind. Apps like Gmail and Boomerang will closely analyze your mail and will help you score better in terms of politeness and positivity. You can always make use of such apps to cut down time and improve communication with other parties.

These are just a few things to start with. As the system and technology evolves with time, it will surely bring better things in perspective and would ease up tedious processes for large events like Indian weddings, ceremonies, and others.