You should be ready to spend on some incredible food and drinks and party until your ears ring when you attend an Azerbaijani marriage You might be surprised to learn that people do n’t get tinnitus until they’re 40 because the music is so loud.

An azerbaijani ceremony has several phases, from the matchmaking stage to the formal ceremony. In the past, ready diploma’ female friends would search for ideal brides at a variety of locations, including music concerts, festivals, and theological celebrations. They would inquire about a kid’s years, background, and family. The choice was finally made by the vicar’s family, who chose to accept or reject it azerbaijan brides. There was a lot of pressure on the promoters to get it ideal because their unwillingness would have been very detrimental to them.

Close friends and family of the bride may visit the groom’s home a couple days before the wedding to set up his dowry. It was known as “paltarkesdi.” The people did pack a chest with all the clothing before transporting it on two boxes(khonchas ) to the princess’s house. The bride’s sister had proudly display the bride and the gowns to her new relatives.

At the princess’s house, a ceremony was held three days later. This “uzechikhdi” festival allowed the bride to become an equitable representative of her husband’s family. This meeting was quite significant. Her family prepared meals while friends brought donations.