Many brides and grooms tie in a nuptial bond, but there are only a few that you commemorate for their exclusive and dashing styling. Apart from the efforts put by wedding event management to make your wedding exceptional, the dressing attire and looks of bride and groom equally matter. Just take a pause and think about the couple ever liked in the wedding, whether it is because they are well-dressed in a trendy and unique dress. Consideration may come to mind that most liked dresses of bride or groom were an adventure that worked well or just a well-designed dress that rocked the exhibition. Whatever the reason is but one thing is very important in a marriage is to know the trends which are going around you, by acknowledging the aired traditions not only help to make you well-styled groom but also make an inspiration for another couple to follow the same. Here are the top trends to rock the looks of a wedding couple in 2018:

  1. Virat And Anushka- Royal Look

Virat and Anushka Wedding

Actress Anushka Sharma and cricketer Virat Kohli’s wedding celebration which is full of sparkle and stardom have become an inspiration for a soon-to-wed couple. Her fairytale styled pink attire and his complimenting royal traditional avatar made everybody crazy at a glimpse of the duo. This was the most talked about wedding of 2017 and though most rumoured as this couple is favourite of many.

With the end of the year, all the functions are well performed by Anushka and Virat and now they have become trend settler for 2018 anticipated couples.

  1. Marron Sherwani and Off White Lehanga

Marron Sherwani and Off White Lehanga

This is an ultimate combination as maroon sherwani for groom perfectly goes well with off-white lehenga of the bride. Maroon colour has its own significance in wedding keeping that essence of subtle meaning. The attire looks more complementing with the off-white coloured lehenga signifying the role to make it a ‘made for each-other’ look.

  1. Floral Sherwani with Golden Touch From Bride

Floral Sherwani with Golden Touch From Bride

Bride in all golden avatar from dress to jewellery and bangles glitters the world of the groom who is ready to explore her world with the flowers. This unique combination of sparkle and soberness is a very good blend and swallows everything inside to reflect out only glamour outside.

  1. Golden Sherwani Matching with Design Of Lehanga

Golden Sherwani Matching with Design Of Lehanga

Groom looks fascinating in this ivory and gold embroidered sherwani suit and no one can beat the combination of the duo when the design of sherwani just matches with the lehenga of the bride. This match is extremely suitable for summer wedding functions because it showers calmness with the peaceful colour blend.

  1. Royal Styled Duo

Royal Styled Duo

The groom wearing the brocade Bana styled dress shows some monarchical feel with the queenly patterned dress of bride wrapping herself around a golden garnished lehenga. There is no doubt that they look very regal and manifests the depiction of royalness in their outlook.

  1. Punjabi Look

Punjabi Look

This look is quite suitable for Punjabi match but the colour combination and style are so unique that it can be worn by any couple. In this daunting look, groom’s soft peach coloured sherwani in combination with green motifs and the picturesque peppy monotone peach lehenga go very well in making the comely potency of the hanging portrait.

  1. Spring Summer Collection

Spring Summer Collection

This collection suits the taste of lovely and jolly couple. The groom wears a cream embroidered half jacket on the black coloured Kurta and the bride carries her hand-printed lehenga quite beautifully. This fusion of something dashing and traditional absorbs the colour of surrounding in all black & glittering appearance; renders a pacifying feel to onlookers.

  1. Shying Looks Reflecting Attire

Shying Looks Reflecting Attire

This look is very different and at the same time common too. Although both the colour is quite common to wear in the wedding as a bride generally goes for this dark pink colour dress. Moreover, the union of dark pink and light pink gives unique blend and reveals the hidden shyness of a bride and a groom. So, this sober yet hidden meaning attire is very agreeable to wear at marriage.

These are the 8 best wedding dresses for a soon-to-wed couple for 2018. All the apparels matches are very pretty, trendy and yet traditional to wear in the Indian weddings. If still you are confused and looking for a wedding counsellor to take advice in order to create something unique matching with wedding destination and culture as well, contact wedding event planner and ask to match the clothes as per your destination wedding further.