You have been through a lot of weddings, Weddings having different themes, different styles, carrying enormous thoughts and expressions, Correct?

And this is executed by a lot of people working together as a team to fulfill “THE DREAM WEDDING” of one, a team work that includes every minute detail like keeping a flower pot on it’s right place to managing every single piece of work.

But have you ever thought what happens when the big day is over? What happens with all the efforts? what about the materials used over the venue?

And then comes a concept of Eco-friendly weddings, there are tons of articles on how to execute an Eco-friendly wedding which became a trend nowadays , but all those efforts stay useless because of leftovers. So this needs to be modified a bit.

Along with using a theme of “Eco-friendly” wedding, we are coming up with an idea to suggest groom and bride how they can save money by going Eco-friendly, by using Leftovers. Those materials which are sustainable can be recycled and can be easily used with a little transformations so that, it can benefit them and also new bride following their path!

Recyclable: A wedding day is something which is planned to be the PERFECT DAY of one’s life . A day full of joys, a step towards a new lifestyle. So we believe that why not we celebrate this day by using materials which can be easily recycled, which can be transformed easily and are the product of DIY so that materials we use can be reused. Just not only to revive old materials and blend them with beautiful accessories but also to save our ethical values!!

Sustainability: A wedding is a relation that sustains by promise of two souls that they will always be by their sides whatever happens and that’s what our concept of a SUSTAINABLE WEDDING means a wedding which sustain with help of leftover materials paired with other exotic materials to help us ending a wedding decoration amazingly.

You are just one step closer to your Sustainable wedding !

And a sustainable world too!! We took the initiative, you just need to step by our side and explore our way of designing. And we will make it happen !