Couples want something different, something memorable and something delicious. The post-pandemic caterers are shaking up the wedding industry by introducing new and innovative ways to cater for celebrations. Creative catering at weddings is becoming popular these days. This trend has made wedding food more safe and healthy for guests as well. Different types of food, new dishes, and even vegan and vegetarian options have become popular in recent years. Catering service providers also have to keep themselves updated with the latest developments in the industry so that they can offer their customers a wide range of choices from diverse cuisines. The delicate task of serving delicious and attractive food while maintaining maximum hygiene levels is gradually being taken up by catering service providers, especially after the pandemic.

The list of wedding trends doesn’t rest on serving foods creatively, but a popular trend of Digital Invitations is grabbing eyeballs. As the world becomes more digital, more families and couples are attracted towards virtual wedding invitations and digital wedding cards. Digital invites and electronic cards save time and money while preserving the traditional ceremony. While traditional cards are still there, more and more couples are opting for an entirely digital invitation.