A stand-alone decision to choose a wedding dress as a bride or a groom certainly includes various things. Apart from presenting a couple beautiful, a dress up has some auspicious and delectable influence on the D-day. When it comes to wedding dress, there are hundreds and thousands of myths, but what is true and what is false, hardly anyone goes for it.

Have you ever paid attention what are the facts involved in a wedding dress-up and a wedding? Or is it just about looking gorgeous?

Here is an interesting post to demystify many myths and the same time to quick fix dubious bundles resting in one’s mind.

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What Does Make The Colour Of Wedding Dress Red?

Red is the most familiar colour in an Indian wedding, but why most of the Indian brides like to wear Red?

The reason is very genuine as in Indian culture, the red is directly related to the ascending sun and Hindu worships the rising sun as a sign of optimism. In addition, the wedding planet, Mars, is as well considered as red in colour. So, Hindu brides always get dressed in red colour while wedding functions since it represent affluence and fruitfulness. The red also stands for the love, intense feelings, enthusiasm, potency, vigour, excitement, and indulgence.

One-Time Wear For Indian Wedding

In India, generally bride doesn’t pass the wedding dress to the next generation and they generally even don’t even wear it many times as the dress is so heavy to carry on normal functions. Indian bride never gives the wedding dress to someone else as it is not auspicious, but in western culture, the bridal dress is generally given to the kids or the grandchild at a later age.

Uniqueness Is The Choice Here

Indian brides like theme wedding but when comes to a wedding where the bride and her friends are going to wear the same styled dresses to execute it perfectly, brides normally denies. Because in India every bride wants to treat herself as the princess on that special occasion and wants to look overwhelming and unique to become the centre of attraction among others.

It’s About Four Main Dresses

The Indian culture is quite colourful and so the brides are as well. They just want to wear different dresses for different functions. In India, almost 80% of brides purchase four main dresses which include engagement dress, Mehandi & Sangeet attire, bridal dress for a wedding, and the last one is reception dress.

Out Of Box Trends

As Red is the colour of marriage here, most of the brides prefer to wear Red or some combination of the Red paint scheme on the wedding day but now the trend has just changed. Brides are breaking the conventional rules and going for hot pink, sky blue, magenta, pista green, and royal blue. Consequently, now the generation is transforming towards modern culture and adapting to more colour variants in a wedding dress. Apart from dress-up, the matching jewellery, bangles, and put on trends are also updated to adapt in a modern world.

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Shifting Fashions

Previously, the only way to shop was to visit vendor to vendor or street to street with twinkling eyes to look for a wedding dress which resides in the thoughts. But, now most of have a gadget in their hand, a smartphone to make everything at a fingertip. There are hundreds to thousands of online platform to help you out in everything, whether it’s best wedding planner in India or looking for amazing wedding apparel. No doubt before buying a dress, everybody goes for online first for design, style and to sneak peek the go-arounds.

The wedding dress plays a very important role in a bride’s life as she wants to be treated herself as a crown princess. In India, the wedding dress has many wrapped meanings, although the trend is changing so fast still some facts are rigid and deserve to be adored. So, If you want to celebrate your wedding day special, plan it accordingly and make your day memorable forever.