There are so many new trends with weddings, but one of the most recent trends is an intimate, romantic wedding. A small and intimate wedding is a great idea for couples who want to have that personal touch to their ceremony.

After covid, people have started appreciating the fact that you don’t need a thousand people at your wedding, a close-knit family affair with only a bunch of your close ones is all it takes. An intimate wedding also allows you to allocate your resources to a better venue, a destination or maybe your dream outfit and that’s one of the greatest advantages of having a limited guest list.

If you’re set on having an intimate wedding, there are ways to be more efficient about planning your big day. One way would be to have a bigger budget for food and drinks because typically smaller weddings mean fewer guests which means less food will be needed. Another way would be to find out which vendors in the area offer discounts for smaller weddings. This could help you save money on venue costs, decorations, catering and other entertainment expenses.