In India, wedding and beauty have correlation and interestingly, they both are inseparable as well. Whether it is a friend’s or cousin’s or siblings’ wedding party, looking pretty is the Choice of every girl. When a girl is confident that her dress is trendy and she’s looking extremely gorgeous in dazzling looks, she feels a different kind of confidence to walk around.

But, how to do trendy make-up is the root of all. Worry not! Here are the tips to look pin-drop gorgeous for any wedding party:

1. Wear What Is In:
Indian wedding is known for its traditional and dazzling dresses. Although, you may familiar with the outfit names, but the design is also important to consider. Nowadays, some trendy outfit with the touch of modern western and Indian dresses are in the trend. Sometimes, you can also choose the traditional dress as per wedding venue in Rajasthan.

sabyasachi dress for bride groom

Dresses like suits, gowns and indo-western are in fashion now. But, before choosing the dress, it is necessary to figure out the dresses that will match your complexion, figure and type of outfit you wear. It is advisable to choose trendy colors as the fabric will make your complexion a bit bright.

Girls and ladies with bright skin color can choose fluorescent paints such as green, orange, pink etc. Whereas, dark-toned ladies can choose colors such as brown, and candy pink.

2. For Glowing Skin:
With the sparkling dress, the glowing face is also important to make you look beautiful for a wedding. Here are some routine tips to do for any sort of party functions:

First of all, apply cleansing milk all over the face and neck and use gentle pressure with fingers to massage firmly. Wipe your face and neck with cotton ball lightly.

Use your regular face wash and massage uniformly with mild water. Then wipe off foams with water spark.

Apply a light moisturizer if you have an oily skin or normal moisturizer for dry skin, but make sure do not make your skin very oily.

3. Toned Glowing Skin:
Take foundation and apply on your face and neck properly, here it is important to notice that the foundation color must be as per your skin tone. The foundation will work as your makeup base so blend it so that it can set for the long duration. With the perfect coalesce, it will make the looks toned and natural.

Apply rose blush all over the face and neck again. This will work as an enhancer to beauty while making the features underlined.

4. Bright Eye Makeup Touch:
In the wedding season, some graphic eye touch is now in fashion. These looks make your eye look sharp and more beautiful. Just look at the end of your eyes and assume the V shape at the eye corner. Apply eyeshadow with the brush to the eye assuming the same shape. Starting from the outer corner of the eyelash line extending to the outer corner of the eyebrow, with the help of eyeshadow coat make v shape in a dark touch.

Indian Bridal Makeup Trends

Apply a black shade of eyeliner to the upper lid and Kajal to the lower lid of the eyes. In the end, now apply mascara in the double coat.

If you are a bridesmaid, you can ask a wedding planner Rajasthan to ask for bridal wear and makeup to get idea how you can make a match with her.

5. Blazing Lips:
Choose the natural color of lipstick. You can find dark, funky and good shades of lipstick in the market now. Although, it is required to select only natural shades because the eyes already have a dark shade of highlights.

To make it more glittering, apply a gold color in the mid of the lips. The gold shade will make lips filled with glitter and compliments from the onlookers.

6. Jewelry:
In a recent trend, the artificial jewelry is gaining huge popularity. The glitter and shine of the jewelry look so authentic and real. Instead of going with heavy jewelry, the lightweight jewelry is in trend to go with the dress and highlighted makeup. This light-wear jewelry with a combination of trendy wear and highlighted makeup make you look comfortable with the wedding party. You can also go with stylish, manageable and trendy hair accessories. At some royal wedding venue in Rajasthan you can also go with light to heavy jewellery with traditional wears.

So, now you are ready to go for any wedding party and can walk confidently with picture perfect look.