In earlier articles we discussed How to Make a Wedding More Productive by Reusing Leftovers? How North India Is Influencing The South Indian Weddings? and so on. In this article let us discuss how to plan the Pre-wedding photoshoot in low budge.
A wedding is the most precious moment in everyone’s life. Everyone has their own dream about their marriages. After marriage this dream will become a precious memory. For this remembrance, photography is the key role. Photography preserves the memories from generation to generation. Not only photography the quality of Printing material used to print the photos helps to store the memories over a years.

From decades the fashion is pre-wedding photoshoot. Newly engaged couples are going for pre-wedding shoot for different destinations. This pre-wedding photo shoot helps them understand about each other. This reason helps the couples stay together for a few days and they feel relax from their busy schedule. It aids in recollecting their marriage memories.
Wow, such amazing photos!!, These are the common expressions when you see the photos of your friend’s pre-wedding photoshoot in social media, for this it is the dedication from both the couples and photographer. Photography is not only a profession, but it is also a passion. It should be the best quality of the photographer. While selecting the photographer, one should analyze the person whether he is monitory oriented or work-oriented. Because for one best snapshot he has to do 100 trials. The photographer must have patience and should be able to take the risk for the best snapshot. Scelebration will provide best service in photography.

Even though every individual has their own dream about marriages, photoshoot and so on. But everything has its own limit and it should be affordable..

Pre-wedding shoot in a low budget

  1. Finalize the destination spotSelecting the destination spot is up to the couples. If the couples are ready to bear the expenses, they can plan for abroad. But it is difficult to bear the expenses of the photographer team, then they can plan within India.
    India is a vast country, it retained its diversity of physical features such as desserts, Hill stations, Island, Snowy Himalayas, forests. While selecting the destination with 300-400 kms, it should cover water bodies such as waterfalls, beaches, hill stations and even resorts.

  2. Weather Forecast
    Before fixing the date with the photographer, check the weather condition in the photo shoot spot. Although some shots look romantic in raining, those shots can be taken by different props but continuously If it is raining it is difficult for photoshoot. Rain not only spoils the time but also props, costumes and makeup. Our Scelebration team will fix the date once forecasting in all aspects.

  3. Book rooms, flight tickets and other transportation facility
    Advance booking of hotel rooms and travelling tickets gives excellent offers from hotels and travelling agency. It is one of the cost saving mode. Planning Transportation facility in a proper way helps to implement the plan successfully.
  4. Carry the PropsPre-wedding props are sovereign over the wedding photography industry. Couples today want their pre-wedding photoshoot to tell a story rather than romantic. By using props will help to set the images that can be done best by adding elements that enhance these ideas. Get all the props such as frames, save the date boards, ring, vibrant dupattas, Hot air balloons, Placards, Colour Spray Cans, Pillows and Fur, Guitar, candles, Tubes, and Floats. This props will give extra effects to the snaps. Sceleberation is having excellent photography team, they will carry all kind props.

  5. Select the best outfitsWhen you are planning for a pre-wedding shoot, don’t forget to plan your outfits. You wouldn’t realise how important pre-wedding shoot dresses are until you see the pictures. Select atleast one set of matching outfit. During Couple joint session our Sceleberation counsellor will ask to express their ideas about there outfit.The classic pre-wedding shoot dresses are:
    S.No Men Women
    1 Pair of shorts Pair of shorts
    2 The sporty leather jacket with jeans The sporty leather jacket with jeans
    3 A gorgeous suit Lengthy Gown
    4 Dhothi/ Simple Plain Kurta Saree
    5 Nehru Jacket Crop top
    6 Round Neck with T- Blazer Calf length dress or Midi Dress
    7 Tuxedo Off shoulder/ cold shoulder/ Tube dresses

    According to your budget spend some time and shop the outfit together helps in better selection.

  6. Makeup tips for Pre-Wedding Shoot
    In earlier blog we already discussed about Makeup Tips To Look Beautiful In Any Wedding Function. Now we will discuss about makeup tips for pre-wedding shoot.
    Pictures from your pre-wedding photo shoot are like treasured for a lifetime. So make sure you radiate perfection in your looks and a standout personality that matches the photographic results you are aiming for. So if possible book your Make-up artist and take them to photo shoot.
    • Effortless Elegance
    • Mystical Minimalism
    • Coral Crush
    • Gloss and Glow
    • Pearly Perfection
    • Classic Cola
    • Sultry & Smoky
    • Edgy Balance
    • Blue and Beautiful
    Depending on the skin tone, the lighting and weather conditions will affect your overall look.

  7. Best time to do Photoshoot
    Most of the pre-wedding shoots are done outdoors in the morning sun or in the evening. As the shoot progresses, the sun becomes harsher and makes the skin to sweat more. This will make the skin oily and dull. After a few hours of the shoot, it will start and spoil the look.

    Marriage photography is very precious in everyone’s life because it will capture your day, it will capture your memories, it will tell a beautiful story of your special day, a day that you will never forget in life time.