State of Rajasthan has come a long way since Independence. A tag of Ill-State is now renamed to Paradise for Celebration. And in that special turnaround, Rajasthan has become a paradise for Royal Weddings. It all started with Udaipur where Royal weddings are held in Jag Mandir Island where the procession reaches to the Island through a Boat. Imagine your Baraati sailing through a boat where earthen lamps are floating in the calm water of Lake Pichhola. With that extreme tradition you step into a world of Royal settings. You actually are treated in royal way and your baraati’s get a royal treatment and they feel as if they are royal themselves. Now think how amazed the center of attraction bride-groom will be.

This extraordinary celebration which set the stage got off to a great start and other royal places like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner too became choice of celebrities for their theme wedding. Remember the heartthrob Raveena Tandon’s marriage in Udaipur. Even the foreigners could not stop themselves from celebrating in Rajasthan.

Apart from the exceptionally beautiful Udaipur, the capital city Jaipur and sun city Jodhpur too have become preferred destinations. A wedding set in royal palaces not only makes huge news, it also makes you feel regal for those days and then forever as your memories get locked.

Love for palaces and royal settings is one thing but then there are people who still love to get wed under the star-covered skies. And so they like sand-dunes of Jaisalmer. A wedding set amidst golden sand carpet spread across the limit of eyes.

Well, the one myth that people of other places have settled with is that such wedding can be afforded by rich and opulent only, Not at all. Vipul of Scelebration bursts the bubble of this misconception as he says, “With a very nominal budget, you can plan a wedding in Rajasthan anywhere. All you need is a good wedding counsellor.”

Scelebration is one of the pioneering organizations that offer services in which even people who have never visited Rajasthan can come and get celebrations done easily. Rajasthan has beauty spread across all nooks and corners. The food of the state gives an unforgettable taste to the people. Be it Ker Sangri or simply pure ghee soaked Daal Baati, you will love it once you have it.

Apart from ambiance, the magic of hospitality adds a velvette to the silk. This is important that when you plan an event outside your hometown, you need people who accept you and make you feel comfortable. This unique trend of considering guest as God prevails here in Rajasthan. The slogan of Padharo Mhare Des is not just a sentence, it is what the people really have for you.

It’s high time you plan an occasion here and get engaged a professional counselor like Scelebration and come for a holiday and with that, get your event celebrated. You come for a holiday because your planner will take care of the rest. After all Hospitality of Rajasthan is not famous in words, it is a solid reality. Welcome to Rajasthan. See you here for your Scelebration.