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Event Planner & Manager



Entertainment remains the prime attraction of any event. It actually keeps the main event and people glued. It creates an ambiance that engages guest’s mood with the rest of the things this is why we love to keep our guests entertained.


The foremost requirement for any event is of acquiring a proper venue for the event. With a budget in range, distances, reputation, and reachability are the main concerns people have. 


The decor is not just about hanging colorful items or setting up scintillating lights, it means to bring life to those inanimate articles spread all over the place. We people always have a thorough idea of what exactly you want.


Hospitality has only one definition–comfort with amazement! It is the one service that leaves permanent imprints on the minds of people who come across it.

The biggest dream of any youngster is marriage because it is a lifetime event. Once guided individually, the Scelebration counselor will make them sit together next to each other and help them feel the magic of togetherness.



From picking up guests from Airport, Railway Station, and Bus Stop to transporting goods and stuff from home to venue or vice versa, you have to have a system in which you can select the number of vehicles on a daily-need basis. Scelebration provides you a range of vehicles, from luxury vehicles to pick-up vans and trucks.


Scelebration has its sources in the main Chavdi Bazaar of Old Delhi where there is a specialized market for invitation cards. And that’s one of the many places we are lined up for the stock. We take your vision with us and come out with an image of cards that suit your taste and budget.