Weddings are a special bond to share with someone you love. So, it is crucial to enjoying the pleasurable event with enthusiasm and creativity. A couple knows that the day won’t find its journey again, so isn’t it obvious to celebrate the activities of the wedding with more buzz and innovation? Today’s wedding world is not only about innovating the wedding venue but also about the minute details from thematic occasion to everyone’s attire. So, with the nearing wedding events, find new trends to cherish the wedding day with Scelebration Events.

Trend-seeking Thematic Celebration

1. Destination Wedding Season


Trending world says, enjoy the new venues and explore the better part of the world. It occupies the concepts to divulge in destination weddings, the most exciting event in anyone’s life. From Rajasthan themed destination to God’s own Kerala, celebrate the wedding with new functions. Well, choose your destination wisely. If one wants a cultural and royal wedding, Rajasthan could not be any better. If one wants a cute party-headed wedding, Goa is the right choice for them. Moreover, if one wants a hilly or lakeside wedding, why not try Shimla and Nainital.

2. Yellow Themed Haldi event


Prepared to celebrate the rituals of your wedding! Let’s make it more happening with Scelebration Events. Yellow-themed functions can work well to bring a Haldi-touch for the wedding plans. With the approach to shatter relishing and jovial features, this event brings memorable ways to add fun to your event. This auspicious color is significant for a wedding event because of its bright and prosperous features. So make this wedding more cheerful with trends of the Haldi theme.

3. Floral-themed Wedding Event


Imagine a room full of flowers, and you walk into the way with soft and slippery flowers all around the venue. Well, this can no longer be a fantasy if you want it for your wedding. Floral themed wedding is a neoteric approach to head-start a natural marriage. Welcome the new era of floral impressions at the wedding, and create your wedding more colorful.

4. Royal-themed Events for the bride and groom


Let’s create a new trend of Royalty at weddings! If you want your wedding to step ahead with the cultural, religious and royal rituals in a grand palace, go for royal-themed weddings. The theme itself creates a reflection of the coming big days. Now from your attire to the appetite-filling approach, everything connects a royal touch.


5. Village Wedding


Want a proper Indian Wedding! Let’s try the village thematic wedding where you can furnish your event with an ethnic touch. India is a diverse platform for a village approach too. From your costumes to the delicious-looks of dishes, everything can be a buzz. Also, one can take over the venue with props of the village such as wheels or pots, to plan a proper village wedding.


Want a Dress code for a perfectly planned wedding!


Every Bride has a different fantasy or desire to work out her wedding. On her wedding day, a girl expects creative attire or costume for herself and the groom to make a perfect westing album. To allure all the events of the wedding, you can plan an inventive dress code for your wedding theme. It will allow everyone to follow the gesture of an elegant combination and uniqueness throughout the wedding. Let’s have a quick look for few wedding-attire trends.

1. Red-Shade Trends for women


If you have a taste of Indian traditions, get on the floor with red Bridal Lehenga. The to-be brides wish to have their wedding garment that is more elegant, bright and trendy. To develop the standards of quintessential wedding lehengas of red designs. With beautiful warming hearts and soothing souls, red will bring out the best of features in a bride. Moreover, red is a suppressor of emotions and inspires a bride with confidence.

2. Sherwani for men

Priyanka Chopra Nick Jonas Mehendi

With a casual, classy, and decent look, every man wants his wedding to be a grand exposure of the right touch. Sherwani is a perfect fit for any man’s traditional wedding looks. From shades of beige and classy blue to lime green designs, one can choose the decor of his sherwani. Every suiting color can illuminate the groom’s choice, varying according to the theme of the wedding.

3. Colorful Trends

Nick Jonas Priyanka Chopra Mehendi Ceremony

Want a delightful colored wedding! This themed-attire brings a new colorful and jovial touch to the wedding. For a happening moment, there’s a happening theme. Bright bride and groom create a cheerful ambiance and a vibe to celebrate. While happy moments are about to explore their way, colors add spark to the events. From dresses to ambient themes, decide this vigorous theme to originate a new trend of joy and pleasure.

4. Beige shade trend to collide with your themed-venue!


Beige is a new trend. With colors to take over the venue and costumes, go for beige shades as a neoteric fashion stands by. The color improves a more vibrant, brighter, and bolder look for any wedding theme. Moreover, this color is also compatible with any relatable look or theme. Thus, the combinations to match your idea will be a quick bite to deal with. Beige-themed wedding is a standardized event as a trend towards the vibrant out-of-the-box occasion.


5. Go Yellow for Haldi!

Want your Haldi event to get exclusive and pleasant! Yellow is the color of hope, freshness, positivity, energy, and enlightenment. Moreover, yellow-Haldi gets applied at weddings to enrich the skin and purify the body. Thus, to enlighten your event with a pleasurable and appealing vibe, make your choice of attractive yellow. Like Haldi events delight your mood, yellow will delight your occasion and make it shinier.

Lights to make your event Jovial


1. Night Lights for Natural vibes!


With illumination and expansion of lights in the event, the Scelebration Events team creates a diverse approach to cater to your desires. The team brings a stunning event with the lights in the night. Enjoy the beauty of nature near the stretch of the garden while relishing a fun event. This will not only enhance your wedding experience but also allow a natural, pleasurable vibe for your guests. Moreover, the theme captures shinny night and shimmery lights to give a splendid touch to any event. Thus, the team comes up with new alluring themes, discovering the sense of nights.


2. Bright Lights for Indoor Shines!


Want your walkaway to be more productive and graceful, take on the lead with lights into action. The patterns of art and its trends in the most dignified ways get captured to present in the royal events. While Scelebration Events takes the lead to check the refined event to occur gracefully, it also appreciates the forms of natural vibes. Bright lights are an approach to make your event more vibrant and royal. To develop the curiosity and confidence between the bride and the groom, lights play an impacting role. Choose your wedding-ready colorful lights with the shades of red, yellow, beige, or cream and let the venue build the walls of enthusiasm.

Scelebration Events have teams to hike the event such as the Logistics team, Hospitality Team, Decoration Team, and Team for reserving the spots. Everyone wants their wedding resort or hotel to be the better of all. For the impacting and cheering event, the hotel also plays a significant role in adding to the events’ bright concepts. While making the choice of a hotel and approaching the team to cater to the wedding’s requirements, the bride or the groom wants to have a perfect-view and experience. Choose your spot with the hotels and invite your guests to feel the perfect wedding experience.