Stylish brides of today’s generation want from toe to head to be done in a perfect manner on the wedding day. Gajra has its own significance in increasing the charm of the bride’s look. From the ancient times, hairstyles had their own virtue and women across the world used to adorn their hair with flowers. In current Indian weddings, brides like to clip up the hair with trendy Gajra styles. To have a quick glance at what are the different sort of Gajra styles in trend, read till the end:

Gajra in a Twist

This Gajra hairstyle is a blend of rose petals and jasmine flowers. Gajra which is tied around a bun or used along with the braid can even be single plait. The garland of the jasmine flowers are twirled, styled and twisted to look beautiful and set according to the bride’s look. To pin them up, use bobby pins and attach a creative touch by fixing a thin band of jasmine flowers at the bottom side of the bun.

Bridal Gajra Hairstyle

Criss-Cross Flower Filled Style

When it is about Indian traditional sort of wedding, you can choose a simple and sleek bun as it will go on all sort of dresses. This simple donut sort of bun hairstyle is perfect for a bride wearing ghunghat because it will not make the hair messy. Moreover, you will surely receive the compliments from the guests for this trendy hair look. Further, the addition of an elegant individual flower will add a touch of prettiness to the bride’s look.

Poola Jada Braid

Poola Jada braid is generally seen on the south Indian brides. It is usually a two-piece accessory which seems like a crown with flowers attachment favoring the braid and extends up to the length of the braid. It makes the bride look like a queen.

Poola Jada Braid

Traditional Gajra:

This look will make you look like a Tollywood actress in traditional wear. Twisted in a braid with a long gajra with an addition of flowers to make the bridal look extremely beautiful. In this hairstyle, you will need hair elastic, long gajra, bobby pins, bumpit and texturizing spray.

These all are the trendy Gajra styles which will definitely attract the guests towards your hairstyle and make you feel happy and satisfied with your hairstyle glimpse.

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