Meghan Markle was snapped with a stunning piece of jewelry in her left hand before the marriage. The speculations suggest that Prince Harry proposed with a custom piece, which is a perfect mix up of Queen Mother’s engagement ring along with an arrangement of diamond and a pearl, ahead of announcing the wedding plans officially.

Meghan Merkel Engagement Ring

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Here is an insight on the Meghan Markle’s engagement ring and other royal engagement rings:

Princess Eugenie of York And Jack Brooksbank:

When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their tie with engagement news, just after two months, Princess Eugenie of York with Jack Brooksbank also declared the news of the engagement. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry designed a ring for Princess because Jack Brooksbank proposed her without a ring. This engagement ring was also different than Markle’s ring as it consists of pink padparadscha sapphire along with a diamond halo.

Princess Eugenie of York And Jack Brooksbank Engagement Rings

Prince of Monaco And Charlene Wittstock:

Prince of Monaco proposed Charlene Wittstock, a former Olympic swimmer in June 2010 with a Maison Repossi ring consisting a three-carat diamond of pear-shape placed in a narrow band set of more diamonds. This arrangement of diamond and shape feature a clear distinction with Meghan Markle’s engagement ring.

Prince of Monaco And Charlene Wittstock Ring

Prince William And Kate Middleton:

The engagement ring of this duo was very traditional and repeating the hierarchy as it was the same his father gave to his mother as the engagement ring. It was a Garrard ring consisting a 12-carat Ceylon sapphire in an oval shape. The halo of 14 diamonds arrangement in a white gold. Looking-wise, rings of Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are totally different and shows no similarity.

Prince William And Kate Middleton Ring

Prince Felipe And Letizia Ortiz:

The couple engaged in 2003, when Prince of Asturias, Felipe proposed Letizia Ortiz, a newscaster with a diamond band covering 16 baguettes. After that, Queen Letizia was sometimes seen with the same ring in her right hand.

Prince Felipe And Letizia Ortiz Ring

Prince Edward And Sophie Rhys-Jones:

They got engaged in 1999, where Prince Edward proposed Sophie Rhys-Jones with a Garrard engagement ring. It was very unique as consisting two diamonds in a triangle shape at either end and a round diamond in the center. Where the ring of Markle is single, the ring of Sophie Rhys-Jones is paired with other big diamond arrangements.

Prince Edward And Sophie Rhys-Jones

Prince Philip Mountbatten And Princess Elizabeth:

Prince Philip Mountbatten proposed the princess Elizabeth in 1947 with a three-carat stone in the center with 10 small diamond arrangement surrounding it. The diamond was from Tiara brand which was owned by Philip’s mother, Princess Alice. Philip Antrobus Ltd, London jeweler had placed the ring in the platinum base and delivered the best wedding services on its behalf to the royal family.

Prince Philip Mountbatten And Princess Elizabeth

Princess Margrethe And Queen Margrethe II:

It is toi et moi style ring which is seen in the queen’s finger even now. They got engaged in 1967 with a ring featuring round stone placed in the center and diamonds around it.

Princess Margrethe And Queen Margrethe II

King Philippe I And Queen Mathilde

King Philippe I proposed her in 1999 with an oval ruby placed in a diamond halo and other diamonds in a thick band. Later, queen upgraded her engagement ring in 2015 and now it consists of an oval-shaped sapphire supported with dual-pierced half-moon diamonds.

King Philippe I And Queen Mathilde

However, all the royal engagement rings worth the praise. But, it is crystal clear now that the engagement ring offered by Prince Harry to Meghan Markle is very unique if we consider the shape and arrangement of stone and diamonds.

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