Rajasthan, a beautiful wedding destination garnering aristocratic wedlock, has been awarded ‘Best Wedding Destination Award’ by ‘Travellers Plus Leisure India, South Asia magazine’. The thought always persists in mind when having a look at Rajasthan which is a strong-armour in respect of Unique Selling Proposition (USP) such as mythological formation, amazing monuments, comfortable inheritance, spectacular fairs, ceremonial robes, and obviously no-missing vigorous desert. The award not only speaks how lively the destination is but also reveals the secret that no marriage in India can be more beautiful and exotic than Rajasthan. As the biggest state in India, and more famous as an epitome of luxury makes it most preferred wedding destination in India with ample wedding venues.

Here Are The Best Wedding Venues of Rajasthan To Tie A Knot:

City Palace, Jaipur:
The Pink City, Jaipur showers its uniqueness as a royal capital of Rajasthan. The well-known City Palace, Jaipur is the best to plan a marriage which showcases a blend of Rajput and Islamic architectonics.

The palace closet has Mubarak Mahal and Chandra Mahal, extremely glamorous spaces to exchange vows between couples. In addition, the place doesn’t conciliate in any respect, considering the modern amenities and luxurious illustration as onlookers couldn’t look away from dining, decorum, pampering hospitality, exciting celebration, a combination of reality and virtue of a royal wedding.

Neemrana Fort, Alwar:
Alwar, the Gateway to Rajasthan, is stupendous when it comes to forts, palaces, benign gardens and Delicate temples. The city is besieged by the Aravali Hills, Wildlife sanctuary, Bala-Quila, Bhangarh Fort, and Sariska Tiger Reserve.

The Neemrana Fort-Palace in Alwar resides on Delhi-Jaipur Highway and is one of the most suited heritage hotels of Rajasthan for a nuptial bond here with majestic prosperity. Neemrana is a fort which is converted into a heritage hotel furnished with present-day amenities. The goluptious-green background of the fort is impressive in its own way with a glimpse of the extraordinary interior. A wedding here is a pleasure to collect best memories and render a great experience in respect of luxurious lodging, palatable food and recreation facilities.

Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur:
Umaid Bhavan Palace in Jodhpur is the most juvenescent and huge residential palace in India. The spirit that separates Umaid Bhawan is the best hotel in the world award, explaining the allegory of welfare. The accumulation includes waving fountains, deluxe courtyards, outstanding lawns, copious reality enabling interior and exterior. Indeed, a beautiful location and the best wedding venue of Jodhpur need a royal wedding to be landed here.

Raj Palace, Jaipur:
The catalogued venues in Rajasthan consist Raj Palace, Jaipur in the drop-down list.  The royal Rajputana etiquette attracts beholders and the same time offer best of opulence facilities. The blend of both makes an impressive wedding venue to make the most out of other destinations.

Raj Palace is the most celebrated place considering marriage rituals and functions. The elephant, camel, and horse safari carrying the party to the venue and welcoming notation by surrounding royal guards have its own charms. In addition, folk performances, traditional and modern music, and puppet show definitely scale up the wedding celebration.

Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur:
Getting married at Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur is just like a dream come true as it is the most romantic and largest palace in India.

Attracting Pichola Lake makes the palace in float resemblance which is a surreal experience for new weds. The grandest destination with the legacy of Rajputana traditions are additives to the elegance of the Taj Group hotel. Many celebrities and business tycoons had celebrated the auspicious occasion of a wedding at this place and showered unconditional love to the beauty of the nature, culture, and freshness of new amenities.

Gajner Palace, Bikaner:
Gajner Palace is perfectly suited for an extravaganza and unique royal weddings. The hotel is the most experienced pertaining to arrange events and serve guests with the best remedies. This palace is sought by wed-seekers around the corner as it has pompous terraces, graceful verandas, and stimulating architecture. All the blend of colours and astonishing surrounding is perfect for pictures to eternalize the wedding. All arrangements are customizable in accordance with the requirements. The wedding here is a mixture of royal and rich hospitality which makes Gajner Palace the top choice for wedding destination in India.

The beauty of Rajasthan is well-known across the world as no royal marriage can be better suited in other places than this. Many peoples who are looking for an amazing wedding destination in the world never skip Rajasthan from the catalogue. This is the charm of this Royal region that it has something very unique which absolutely fits with the heritage look and modern facilities to make Rajasthan the best wedding destination awardee.